Representing the entire micro, cottage and small industries (MCSIs) of the country at national and in international forum the main objectives of FNCSI are:

  • Unite MCSI sector, strengthen district chapters and commodity associations to cater the needs of MCSI sector.
  • Provide advisory supports and advocate & lobby on behalf of MCSI sector in formulating appropriate policies, laws, acts, plans and programs for promotion and development of MCSI.
  • Act as a catalyst for industrial development fostering co-operation among national and international organizations and agencies working in MCSI sector & SME sector
  • Establish information bank and disseminate proper information to MCSI for their promotion and development.
  • Establish cross-industry relationship at national and international level for industrial development
  • Conduct market promotion activities for MCSI at national and international level.
  • Improve productivity & develop entrepreneurship of MCSIs imparting skills & knowledge through training, workshop, seminar, Observation Study Mission (OSM) and other programs.
  • Provide advisory and consultancy support to establish new enterprises with innovative ideas
  • Reinforce Corporate Social Responsibility among MCSIs making them aware to practice the accepted business ethics and code of conduct.