FNCSI is a not for profit, non-political, non-governmental Business Membership Organization (BMO). It has its networks in all over Nepal. The District Chapters as per the constitution of the FNCSI, are either autonomous or branch chapters. Autonomous district chapters are governed by their own constitution formulated in compliance with FNCSI’s constitution where the chapters are governed directly by FNCSI’s constitution. At present 7 district chapters are autonomous and remaining as branch. Besides, the district chapters, FNCSI’s membership comprises of 20 national level commodity associations and some associate members.

In the developing countries like Nepal gender disparities are one of the major obstacles for enterprise development. As per constitution of FNCSI, it has provision to form Women Entrepreneurs Committee (WEC) from central level to district level to streamline the women entrepreneurs in the national economic development of the country. At present the Central Women Entrepreneur Committee has 58 district networks. WECs are working in their optimum capacity and this is the largest network of women entrepreneurs in the country.

The general members of FNCSI are the micro, cottage and small industries registered in the respective government authorities of Nepal. Up to now there are about 35,000 general members including about 11000 women entrepreneurs associated in all district chapters of FNCSI network. Besides, the national level Commodity Associations have their own membership network; the central level commodity associations only are the institutional members of the FNCSI.

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